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At American Fire, we specialize in implementing life-saving fire safety systems.



American Fire offers complete fire protection services for the St. Louis area. From basic design to installation, servicing, and repair, our experts will ensure your systems are fully operational and your facility protected.



No matter the job, no matter the size, we install multiple types of fire protection systems in new and pre-existing buildings. Put your mind at ease knowing our certified technicians have done the job right the first time.


Maintenance & Repair

Repair and maintenance of a fire protection system is essential to both life safety and property. Ensure your system will last with American Fire.

Smoke Detector

Inspections, services, contracting and flow tests. These are just a few of the things that American Fire will do to ensure the safety of you and others.

24/7 Emergency Repair

No matter what the situation is, we’re here to help the greater St. Louis area 24/7 with their sprinkler system and fire protection needs.

Fire Protection Systems

With many sprinkler systems on the market today, the type of system determines the frequency of inspection. Consult the experts at American Fire and put your mind at ease.

Flow System

Flow Tests are conducted to measure pressure, and flow in the water supply in order to determine the system demands and the design of the fire protection system.

At American Fire, we value your investment as if it was our own. From breaking ground, to ensuring that your fire protection is fully operational, we take the time to get the system right the first time, because we care.



American Fire is your one-stop shop when it comes to commercial fire system installations. We are efficient and cost effective during every stage of the design and build.



A residential fire system can give you the peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe.



By providing our municipality buildings and structures the proper services, we can ensure the buildings are up to code and ready for any scenario.



When working in an industrial facility, having the proper safety equipment is necessary, including the proper sprinkler and fire protection systems.



We honored to help our healthcare providers by ensuring the buildings they work in are safe, effective and have the proper fire safety systems in-place.


Retail Outlets

A fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your retail store. Uncontrolled flames can beat even the best firefighters. Having the proper sprinkler system installed can make or break an unforeseen situation.



From elementary schools to college campuses, a lot of young lives are at stake when a fire breaks out in a school. Having the proper fire protection systems and fire safety measures in place can help your students stay safe if a fire occurs.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is effective, safe and in most cases, economical to the consumer. Because of this, thousands of travelers pass through busy terminals, crowded rail cars and busses etc. Having the right fire system in place can make or break the situation.


Training Facilities

>When it comes to training facilities, you want to keep the heat out, not in. Ensuring you have the right system installed is a crucial step in making sure your employees and customers are safe.

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American Fire, a JWBCO company, offers cutting-edge technology, detailed processes and trained technicians all specialized in Fire Protection Management Systems (FPMS).

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Put your mind at ease and know that our experienced trained and licensed technicians are putting you and your employees safety as their top priority.

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While using the latest technology available, our trained and certified technicians design, build, install and maintain sprinkler systems customized to any need.

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At American Fire the safety and protection of you and your team is our number one priority. We take things seriously and get the job done right the first time. Submit your information for a free consultation or give us a call.