Retrofits have been proven to be some of the most challenging and expensive jobs for fire protection contractors. At American Fire, we can assess the needs of your retrofitting, come up with a cost effective solution and help implement our systems that will provide you and employees with the protection that they deserve.

A while back, pipes used to be made of a rigid steel, something that does not flex or bend easily making any installation job tough with limited options. Fast forward to today, now we utilize flexible piping systems that give us more access to create a customized solution for your needs.

When choosing American Fire, we understand that you might be overwhelmed by the costs of installing a new system or even upgrading your system. Let our experts provide you with custom plan that can fit your needs at a cost effective price.


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At American Fire the safety and protection of you and your team is our number one priority. We take things seriously and get the job done right the first time. Submit your information for a free consultation or give us a call.