Municipality Fire Systems

Municipality buildings are an important part of our infrastructure. Ensuring that the fire sprinkler system is in good working order should be always be a top priority for all municipality building owners and managers. American Fire offers sprinkler inspections, testing and maintenance to ensure that all systems are in working order. We ensure that all inspections are compliant and current with the NFPA 25 standards.

  • We will ensure that you stay current with your inspection schedule.
  • We will file all reports with your local fire departments, water departments and other departments who have jurisdiction over your dwellings.
  • We will provide accurate reports and sit down with you to go over the results.

Fire System Inspection

Fire Services Offered

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Sprinkler Systems (Wet and Dry)

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Anti-Freeze Loops

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Special Hazards

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Fire Pump Test

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Fire Hydrant Test

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Backflow Test

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